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Family law issues can be a very turbulant and emotionaly draining experience. Not many people would agree that raising a family is a simple matter, but when you factor in legal complications, it becomes even more difficult.

Our Norfolk family law services include:


We help our clients attain the best resoulution in divorce matters with the most cost-effective methods available. We handle all areas of divorce, including custody, child support, alimony, marital property settlements and pre-nuptial agreements.

Child custody and visitation rights:

We assist parents in understanding their rights regarding all custody matters, visitation agreements, legal guardianships, conservatorships and paternity matters.

Child support:

We work directgly with parents to assist them in understanding their financial obligations regarding child support. important Factors to consider include income, family size and other major expenses.


We work with Norfolk families at every stage of the adoption process, stepparent adoption, agency adoption, foster parent adoption and more.

Marital property settlements:

We assist our clients in protecting their rightful share of the property and work to an equitable fair share agreement is reached.

Our Norfolk family Law Attorney`s take the time to research and fully understand each and every Norfolk family we help, so we can come up with the best solution for you and your familys legtal situation. We have more than twenty years of Norfolk family law experience serving our clients in norfolk and surrounding areas.

Whether you are resbuilding your Norfolk family after a divorce or you are choosing to adopt to build your own family, it is critical to find a Norfolk family Law Attorney who can provide a viable solution that is designed to fulfill your needs. At Norfolk family Law Attorney, that is precisely what we do best.

We know the legal process can be confusing, but our Norfolk family Law Attorney`s will be by your side everyf step of the process. Contact Norfolk family Law Attorney today to schedule your free initial consultation.